I could answer your question(s)

but first, you would have to name ONE – just one- “real network marketing company” that does not let anybody fail.

Also, since there is no chance of failure in mlms whatsoever, you should enroll in say, at least 5-6 mlm companies. That way, you can be CEO of 5 or 6 companies all at once – even Bill Gates was CEO of only one company, and a pyramid at that.

hi guys I was just wondering why people consider mlm or network marketing a pyramid?

As business owner myself I cant help to ask what makes mlm such a bad idea. Its clear to me that people just don’t understand. The true pyramid is what we use to work under. Starting at a low level of pay and a title and there millions of other like us, then when you go up a level. New title, more pay, more hours and few thousand people like us. Until you reach the top. Thats only if someone quits, retires or dies. The Traditional Business Model takes a true shape of triangle “pyramid”. So can anyone tell me why people consider mlm a pyramid when if you look at it and what you think about this guaranteed payday loans no teletrack service? As you grow from helping others up a ladder. There is many other ceo’s. Not just one ceo at the top and when you get to the top your still helping others get to the top as well. To me that sound like a flat even playing field. Not a pyramid. And oh if a mlm company considers there model to be a pyramid. They are scams, because a real network company do not let the people below them fail. so can anyone please answer me that question.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to try to explain the whole MLM thing

I have tried to express concern to my cousin and she took it totally the wrong way. And I know a lot of people here will agree.
I do not even want to hear “you are just negative.” I guess it is selfish that I cannot take those harsh words. What my husband explained about his experience was all truth. But then again why would his friend listen to him, he is just another “loser” who didn’t try hard enough. Yes, I run away from MLM. They freak me out! I mean we are not rude about it. We just politely say that it is not for us. And then in the future when business doesn’t work out we promise to be there to help them understand that is wasn’t their fault. Should I have warned them about it and asked thought provoking questions, that would have perhaps saved them a lot of money? Yes. But did I want to ruin the friendship? No. I will not let the MLM win. Eventually people learn. I have admitted here that I have the personality and circumstances that would make me want to do MLM’s. But again I was fortunate enough to have a husband who had already experienced, and an untainted mind (the suits had not gotten to me yet). MLM’s are evil. I have yet to see anybody that I know make it, and stop faking it till they make it. And thanks to this site and researching, I know that even if they do make it, a lot of manipulating of people occured and that is just not right.

If I had someone I considered a friend

and they were doing something that was harmful to not only themselves, but to others too, I would tell them EXACTLY what I thought in a polite, but very firm way. I would expect no less from my friends. I have been given correction before by friends, and most of the time I wasn’t receptive to what they said, but I knew that they cared for me enough to tell me what they thought because in their mind I knew they at least were attempting to help me. In most cases I listened and at least thought about what they said. In a few cases I changed my mind about what I was doing or about to do and was very greatful later that they had cared enough to get my attention. Making up half-truths(lies) and avoiding the subject only prolongs and puts off the problem till later and adds fuel to the fire when they eventually find out what your really think. The one thing you will never totally regain with a friend is trust once you betray it. They may forgive, but they will never forget. If they are only friends because you agree with them, then they are no friends at all. If you fear losing them as friends because you do not want to be truthful with them, that is a selfish act only for your benifit, not theirs. It is your decision.