I have been away from this excellent site

and away from anti-mlm battle for more than 5 years now, wow time flies. But i couldnt help to post the fact that for about a week now, we get to have recruiting ads from Quixtar Amway on cable TV ! with all the deception and world-class opportunity bullshit. I couldnt believe it, arent those guys full of law suits ? to my knowledge they have never use cable tv to promote their scam ? anything new i should know about these guys ? the worst part is, i’m sure they will have success with these ads, in these difficult times; after all, “its on TV it cannot be all bad” !! LoL

I actually signed up for newsletters from some “MLM trainers”

These are people that provide training for people on how to prospect and “help” people (from any MLM). The buzz in the MLM industry right now is that since the economy is down, unemployment is up and people are having a hard time, this is the best time to recruit them into MLM. That would explain why all of a sudden people are seeing MLM ads all over the place. Bad economic times provide happy hunting grounds to kick people who are already down.