Deb, about not forcing people to buy tools or go to functions

my understanding is that the upline does not force these things, but that it is “SUGGESTED”, at least that’s what my son tells me. So, do you mean that the upline is now suppose to let the downlines make decisions for themselves without the pressure of suggestions? Even if that is true now, people have been so brainwashed into thinking that everything their upline have said about this stuff in the past that they’re conditioned to buy CDs, books, and tickets to functions anyways. My son didn’t even want to put money into an IRA account that his employer matches up to 3% because he could use that money to buy another CD, which shows how strong the power of suggestion is.
His Dad suggested that he ask his upline about it, knowing that the upline’s JOB is an account and what his answer should be. This put the upline in kind of a bind. He ended up telling my son to put half the amount Dad suggested into the IRA. I’m sure that as the Quixtar upline he would have rather seen that money spent on CDs.