Everyone knows how frustrating it is to try to explain the whole MLM thing

I have tried to express concern to my cousin and she took it totally the wrong way. And I know a lot of people here will agree.
I do not even want to hear “you are just negative.” I guess it is selfish that I cannot take those harsh words. What my husband explained about his experience was all truth. But then again why would his friend listen to him, he is just another “loser” who didn’t try hard enough. Yes, I run away from MLM. They freak me out! I mean we are not rude about it. We just politely say that it is not for us. And then in the future when business doesn’t work out we promise to be there to help them understand that is wasn’t their fault. Should I have warned them about it and asked thought provoking questions, that would have perhaps saved them a lot of money? Yes. But did I want to ruin the friendship? No. I will not let the MLM win. Eventually people learn. I have admitted here that I have the personality and circumstances that would make me want to do MLM’s. But again I was fortunate enough to have a husband who had already experienced, and an untainted mind (the suits had not gotten to me yet). MLM’s are evil. I have yet to see anybody that I know make it, and stop faking it till they make it. And thanks to this site and researching, I know that even if they do make it, a lot of manipulating of people occured and that is just not right.