Functions were never “REQUIRED” BUT

your upline (usually some sort of higher level person), STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you not miss a function/rally/etc, and that you stay on the tape/book program no matter how trying things became. So, they said, “If you break any part of that “chain”, you’ll lose 90 days from going direct”.
This was pounded into me. It got old somewhat fast. Why I stayed with the program so long is just proof positive how influential “the system” got on me. I feared losing that “90 days” Well, I never got there.
My “system” was I.N.A (interational Networking Associates) and the heads of that org (a split from WWDB) was Elliott, Johnson, and Floor.
Push, push, push went the system. Gotta keep those “tool coffers” filled with money from fools like me, and many others.
We were supposed to “check upline” if we wanted to make a purchase for ourselves, or investment purposes, as your son’s IRA was concerned.
“the systems” ‘take’ on it was, ‘you’ll make the money, so why worry abuot building a nestegg’.

As an aside, I actually had a tape or two where Victor was speaking. Very much the motivator, and one of the few “entertaining” speakers I heard… Ranked up there with Coleman Orr, who I thought was a barrel of laughs.

“My goals are to hit .300, score 100 runs, and stay injury-prone.”