hi guys I was just wondering why people consider mlm or network marketing a pyramid?

As business owner myself I cant help to ask what makes mlm such a bad idea. Its clear to me that people just don’t understand. The true pyramid is what we use to work under. Starting at a low level of pay and a title and there millions of other like us, then when you go up a level. New title, more pay, more hours and few thousand people like us. Until you reach the top. Thats only if someone quits, retires or dies. The Traditional Business Model takes a true shape of triangle “pyramid”. So can anyone tell me why people consider mlm a pyramid when if you look at it and what you think about this guaranteed payday loans no teletrack service? As you grow from helping others up a ladder. There is many other ceo’s. Not just one ceo at the top and when you get to the top your still helping others get to the top as well. To me that sound like a flat even playing field. Not a pyramid. And oh if a mlm company considers there model to be a pyramid. They are scams, because a real network company do not let the people below them fail. so can anyone please answer me that question.