I am just curious as to why anyone would believe ANYTHING these people are telling you?

They are kind of the kings and queens of doublespeak and deception, so why would these statements lead you to believe that anything was REALLY going to change? I know these people are high up in the food chain, but in my experience that generally means they are the worst offenders.

Now, I do not know these people personally, nor any of the particulars, so this is in no way a personal attack on the Victors, and especially not on Deb, who I have always appreciated here in this group.

I just don’t know why we would be expected to trust anything they are saying about the way things are “supposed” to be? I wouldn’t believe any of that until I not only heard it, but saw it being practiced by new IBOs.

Perhaps I am way off base…if I am, please fill me in!