I wonder if it’s all just different facets of the same problem

USGov thinks they can keep boosting the debt limit because hey, everyone has debt, we’re the great US of A, and why not just have a little more? That’s classic thinking which in the personal realm has gotten so many people into their own credit crisis. And these folks who raided Walmart, well, it’s all Monopoly money after all, and darnit I deserve that big screen TV, and it’s all public assistance anyway, so why not let the rich employees who pay into the system, carry a little more? And the employees at Walmart who apparently ignored multiple levels of checks-and-balances to grant these folks virtual “blank check” privileges, because hey it’s the company’s money, what do we care, everyone owes someone so why not just let folks have whatever they want and the bigwigs can sort it all out later? And the fast food workers who are striking for higher wages, want their piece of the American Dream so why not spit on the money they have, in favor of going on strike for the money they could have?

Sounds to me like an awful lot of folks either have no awareness of, and/or no concern about, the implications of their actions. And since debt is inevitable, who cares how high it goes? The whole country perhaps needs to wake up and smell the kitty box, and think hard about where these choices are taking us. And yea, Jan, I’m worried about the future of our country too. Seems to me the piper is going to demand his payment here sooner rather than later. Not sure how many more hits like this we can take as a nation, but I don’t expect we can take a lot more of ‘em. And now the stage is set for this whole circus to start over again in just a few months. I’ll get my popcorn now and watch the show when it comes.