If I had someone I considered a friend

and they were doing something that was harmful to not only themselves, but to others too, I would tell them EXACTLY what I thought in a polite, but very firm way. I would expect no less from my friends. I have been given correction before by friends, and most of the time I wasn’t receptive to what they said, but I knew that they cared for me enough to tell me what they thought because in their mind I knew they at least were attempting to help me. In most cases I listened and at least thought about what they said. In a few cases I changed my mind about what I was doing or about to do and was very greatful later that they had cared enough to get my attention. Making up half-truths(lies) and avoiding the subject only prolongs and puts off the problem till later and adds fuel to the fire when they eventually find out what your really think. The one thing you will never totally regain with a friend is trust once you betray it. They may forgive, but they will never forget. If they are only friends because you agree with them, then they are no friends at all. If you fear losing them as friends because you do not want to be truthful with them, that is a selfish act only for your benifit, not theirs. It is your decision.