Jen, all I can offer is this:

First, you have to remember that my Grandfather was president of the Board of Directors for the ADA (the forerunner of the IBOAI) for 12 years; and my Mother was Executive Director. While I can’t repeat a LOT of what I overheard through the years due to confidentiality issues… I’m now seeing changes. For real. There are people in charge who realize the “old way of doing things” just creates lawsuits and a lot of internet critics…LOL!

Amway’s Rules and Regulations are now being enforced – thousands of IBOs have either been terminated for Rules Infractions; or have left because they were upset with the changes. Financial Rewards have been put in place for those who follow the Rules.

I’m not saying this will all take place overnight – there’s a lot of old and BAD habits out there in the AMOs. We critics need to continue holding the IBOAI and Corp’s “feet to the fire” to weed these Bad Apples out.

But I *really* feel it’s different this time.