Just thought I’d pass this along

– last Wednesday I enjoyed the company of Jody Victor, Amway Crown Direct; and Connie Altschwager, the Executive Director for the IBOAI. I was greeted warmly, had a tour of the IBOAI offices; and was treated to a wonderful dinner (despite Jody who jokingly introduced me as the “Mother of the Critics”…LOL!)

We talked about the future of Amway and the Motivational Organizations – and the new rules that affect the tools/function ends of their businesses. The AMOs must make accurate income claims, not deny their ties to Amway/Quixtar; and not force people to buy tools or attend functions. Amway has been quite open with IBOs lately that upper level people DO make additional income from the tools and functions.
I truly feel we are going to see the overt lying and abuse of new recruits come to an end some day – the IBOAI is NOT afraid to enforce their rules (hence the mass termination and exodus of tool-pushing Kingpins last fall).

For those of you who have loved ones caught in the snare of an AMO who is still doing business “the old way” – you need to learn their upline, preferably up to and beyond Diamond…..document the false information or insane income claims…and report it!