So a while back I told you all about my story

and how my cousin said a bunch of bad things about me because I was a skeptic of her “juice” business. Again I thank this group for the information that they gave me about these MLM’s. Geez there are a million and one of them out there and they are so annoying. In this week alone, 2 acquaintances of mine joined Mona Vie and some other energy drink/supplement business, and contacted me to try their stuff. But I am so aware of the scams. I thank this site because I know that I should just politely say no thanks, and pray that they don’t ruin their lives. I did all the rationalizing and trying to spit “logic” with my cousin and it didn’t work.
Today one of my friends contacted my husband by email to ask what my email address was because he heard I was a personal trainer. So my husband told me to contact him, because he might be interested in training. So I emailed this friend back and asked if he was interested in training because he asked my husband about MY business. Then he emailed me back blah blah blahing about the “Antioxidants” and how it could help my clients. I am not responding at all. We are not the closest of friends. So I forwarded the email to my husband who is equally annoyed with MLM’s and he was so sad that his friend fell victim. He actually called me from the ship and we talked about how annoying these MLM’s are. I told him that we couldn’t tell them anything or question anything, because we didn’t want to lose the couple as friends. And then he sent me this email of what he wanted to send to his friensd but didn’t.