Yes, Wal-Mart is completely responsible for their loss

but the THEFT by all those individuals falls squarely on the shoulders of the thieves and Wal-Mart should prosecute those individuals for the thieves they are. Unfortunately it speaks volumes about our nation that people would do such a thing when they KNEW they did not have that money on their EBT card.

Also, you have to realize that Wal-Mart was in a bit of a bind because if they had turned a single person down for a purchase they would have found themselves sued, due to our stupid litigation system. They should have done up to the $50 with proper id and factual contact info, stressing that the balances would be checked and anyone purchasing over their balance would be liable for that money, but those 2 stores didn’t so they are out millions with little to no hope of getting it back.

The end result could be that Wal-mart may close those stores as a result of the loss and then the whole community suffers due to the greed of a few.