You need to remember that the Victors are

way high up on the LOS chart, higher than Yager, Britt, and a whole lot of others. So Victors would receive VERY large volume bonuses from Amway for goods sold. Yes, he also has his motivational system; but the income from that probably pales in comparison to this Amway bonuses; it’s sort of why I’ve zeroed in on HIM.

There are OTHER Kingpins who receive far more in tool/function income than Amway Bonuses – and I suspect that many of them have recently left the business.

There are new bonuses that are in place – and the only IBOs who can share those bonuses are ones in Accredited LOAs (Line of Affiliation, the “Amway” word for what we call an AMO). To get Accredited, an AMO must submit a certain percentage of their tapes, and have their functions monitored. The Corp monitors are looking for accurate income depictions, honest references to being part of Amway, and integrity in telling IBOs that participation in tools is purely optional. Jody told me that ALL of his tapes are submitted for monitoring (and his group IS Accredited)

Since I am no longer an IBO, I don’t receive the publications or go on Quixtar’s business website – but Jody said that the Corp has been stressing to ALL IBOS that they must comply with the Rules and Regulations. He gave me a copy of a magazine geared for MLMers that featured Quixtar, and prominently posted in many places were income disclaimers and definitions of “active” and “gross income”. It’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed anything so OPEN.