You’re welcome LOL

Come to think of it… it illustrates Quixtar exactly! That is pretty close to how I was prospected for Quixtar. My ex and I were invited over to “have coffee” with my old high school friend and her husband. Then they separated us. She talked about the girly stuff like how awesome the Artistry cosmetics were and he took my ex to the office and talked about energy drinks and computers.

Of course, I was working for Estee Lauder at the time and not at all impressed with Artistry. (Heck, I was getting FREE Estee Lauder).
But my ex fell for it all. Hook. Line. Sinker. He thought he was gonna sell his energy drinks and whatnot to the local gym where he worked out and had lots of buddies.

He never sold a thing to anyone.

We put in one order for the PVBV whatever and got a whopping check for like $7.00

Then when he saw that the guy who was supposedly making the killing at Quixtar was driving a beat up old clunker of a car, that was the end of it for him. Thank goodness!